essential oil arthritis hands

I foun

essential oil arthritis hands

I have found an Essential oil for arthritis hands. I’ve been on the computer a lot lately. I designed this blog in the matter of a few hours. I’ve written blog posts. Twitter has become my new best friend again, so that includes a lot of typing on my computer or my phone. All of this plus learning a few tricks with Facebook has me a social media addict.

For a solid week, I’ve been using my hands and more specifically my fingers in ways that God really didn’t design them to be used. My fingers have really taken a beating. What makes this worse is that I have arthritis in my finger joints. It really hurts. It makes it hard to do a lot of things when they flare up.

As I type this post, my fingers are aching. I glance over and there it is. My big not-so-secret weapon.

I open the little brown bottle with a green label and put a drop on each of my painful fingers. Seconds later, there is only a little stiffness left, and not a drop of pain. Yeah, I know…my friend’s husband asked for a gallon this morning!

I’ve been using ibuprofen for about a year now, just to ease the pain. I started supplements and didn’t see a big difference in my ailments. I’m only 32. I hate doctors. I watched my mother not be able to fill out her checks to pay the bills. I know what awaits me. I know that I may be in a wheelchair, and not even be able to feed myself for the lack of mobility in my fingers. Lets not mention grip at this point, I don’t know what that means. (Just please don’t use too firm a grip when shaking my hand!)

Finally I broke down and started asking what essential oil arthritis hands I could use to ease my pain.

There really wasn’t a general consensus. About half a dozen oils were mentioned. I tried a couple of the oils that I had on hand. Then one person told me that she used another one that no one else had mentioned. I went to my bottle that was sitting beside my husband, leaned over him and put the oil on my joints. Walked away.

After about 5 minutes in the kitchen I realized that my fingers were not hurting…at all! I was so thrilled that in only minutes they weren’t hurting. I made a mental note to try it again, and pay more attention.

So the next day, after typing for a while my fingers were stiff and painful again. I grabbed my bottle and put it on the joints that were painful. I rubbed them for a couple seconds and moved to the next one.

In less than 30 seconds there was no pain!

Yes, that’s right. 30 seconds later there was no pain. The stiffness wasn’t as bad either and in a little while it was much, much better. For someone who could take 800 mg of ibprofen just to get enough relief to sleep at night, this was a huge breakthrough!

My little surprise is something that I’m sure that your grandparents, parents, spouse or even yourself may could use right? So you wanna know what it is? Ok, I’ll tell you, but only if you DON’T keep this a secret.

The surprise that I use is the same thing I use on my headaches, so I always have it near. Its the same thing I use in the mornings to get my day started. It’s peppermint essential oil! Can you believe that?!

The therapeutic grade oil from Young Living, is the best that’s out there, and the great thing about it is that it works! It WORKS for pain! Its amazing, and it works in seconds, not minutes or hours! Isn’t that insane?!

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 I”m not a doctor, or play one on TV. Please consult your healthcare provider before trying this at home. 
essential oil arthritis hands