DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Using essential oils isn’t always for medicinal purposes, they can be a great luxury item in the bathroom. For those of us with skin conditions like eczema, sensitive skin, dry skin, psoriasis and others we are looking for things don’t irritate our skin. A huge bonus to a skin product for me is one that no only doesn’t irritate my skin, but it actually helps heal the skin! That doesn’t come around very often.

I’ve been using products from an amazing woman for nearly 2 years now. Renee is the owner of MadeOn: Skin Care Products. I fell in love with her hard lotion bars, bug bar and diaper rash cream. What’s amazing is that Renee doesn’t only sell her products, she teaches you how to make your own! This woman loves her customers! Renee, we love you back!

This year everyone is looking for DIY gift ideas for Christmas.

I know that I’m one of them. When I think DIY, I think about gifts from the heart. When someone gives a handmade present its not something that they thought of the last minute and ran out to the mall to pick up, its something they made with you in mind. For my family, we love handmade/homemade everything. Normally these presents are better for your health, the environment and the pocketbook.


Renee has done something spectacular, she has written an amazing new ebook that teaches you how to make amazing skin care products. We aren’t talking about your normal products that you will find on Pinterest.

The one recipe that I cannot wait to try out is the Chocolate Peppermint Lotion Bar! Doesn’t that sound divine?!

Included with these 5 luxury recipes Renee has added resources on where to find the ingredients,  resources for supplies, options for different “flavors”, price breakdowns, and much much more! This is a great guide for not only Christmas, but all year long. Change your essential oils for the time of the year, but who can resist Peppermint and Chocolate! Yum! Some great ideas would include Thieves, Lavender, Peppermint, Citrus Fresh, Lemon and Orange. Yummy!

The Possibilities are endless!

This ebook is a steal at $5.00, so pick yourself up a copy! You can also purchase a gift giving kit for making some of these amazing gifts for the holidays from MadeOn and receive the ebook for FREE!