Essential Oils for Summer Colds

Summer colds are no fun at all, especially when they linger around for more than a week. That’s what our family has been dealing with for a while now.  Essential oils for summer colds are plentiful and I will share which ones our family uses.

We have been to the doctor twice in the last two weeks with everyone getting an Upper Respiratory Infection Virus. Its true that they must run their course and that’s what our family doctor recommended. But the symptoms can be devastating to a family who loves to be out in the water.


The upper respiratory tract includes the sinuses, nasal passages, pharynx, and larynx.


The symptoms that we feel when there is virus running rampant in our upper respiratory tract  are :

  • Nasal discharge
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat
  • Mild to moderate Cough
  • Headache
  • Fever more often in children than adults
  • Fatigue, weakness sometimes
  • Slight Muscle pain


The common cold can be caused by one of over 200 viruses, but they are all treated the same, and without antibiotics! Most doctors want to treat the symptoms with decongestants and pain and fever reducers. The side effects of these medications whether OTC or prescription usually includes drowsiness which is something that doesn’t help you get out of the house during the summer. Who feels like be a groggy mess at the beach?! Not us!

What we are seeing now is that many viruses are mutating and are not responding to our traditional medication. This is yet another reason why we don’t want to treat the common summer cold with antibiotics and other prescription or OTC medications.

In contrast, essential oils posses some phenomenal properties which radically distinguish them from antibiotics. The makeup of essential oils change as the plant that the oils are distilled from change in nature. This is a great thing for those of us that use essential oils. because  bacteria and viruses DO NOT become resistant to essential oils. They can be used effectively again and again without the concern of creating a resistant strain. Another great attribute to using essential oils verses the traditional medication that we have been taught to use is that essential oils do not have the bad side effects of OTC’s and prescription medications.


Essential Oils for the Summer Cold

For your Summer Cold kit you will need the following:

  • Thieves Essential Oil Blend
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • R.C. Essential Oil Blend
  • Cold Air Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Empty Gel Capsules
  • Water in a Glass drinking container
  • Cotton Swabs


To treat and prevent a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) Start by diffusing Thieves in your home at least twice a day for 30 minutes. We up this to 30 minutes 4-6 times a day when we have anyone in our home that is ill. Next you want to start using Thieves on the feet of everyone. A drop or two on the bottom of the feet each morning  should be sufficient. Next, if you are experiencing the symptoms named above you can take Thieves in a capsule, 5 drops 3 times a day or roughly half that amount for children. One tip that I have been using for myself is to use 1 drop on a cotton swap and run it inside each nostril twice a day. This will burn! You may add a carrier oil like V6 from Young Living, Olive Oil or Coconut oil to help reduce the burning. After the first use the burning didn’t bother me at all, but this has been the best decongestant that I have used.

Peppermint can be used as a decongestant. Diffusing Peppermint in a cold air diffuser or cotton balls in the air vents is a great way to reap the benefits of peppermint as a decongestant. You can also add 5 drops of peppermint to your gel caps 3 times a day for an oral decongestant.

Lavender is another great all around essential oil. It can help with any allergies that may be causing come of the congestion. 5 -10 drops of Lavender can be used in a gel capsule 2-3 times a day instead of an antihistamine which is normally found in OTC cold and flu medications. Also diffusing at night will help you sleep like a baby! Put a few drops on the bottom of your feet or on your pillow instead of taking a sleeping pill to help get the much needed rest while you are ill. This is totally safe for children as well.

Lemon is used for URI’s as it helps to thin out the mucus that you produce while congested. I add 2-3 drops to my water (only in a glass container) and also to my capsules that I will be taking daily.

R.C. is a blend that can be used on the chest or in a diffuser to reduce coughing. I only use this when we have someone coughing.


When treating a fever the method that I find easiest and most effective is to rotate Thieves, Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon on the feet. 2-4 drops of each on the bottom of the feet every 5-15 minutes. A cool cloth with Peppermint over the forehead or on the back of the neck helps to cool the feverish person down also.


Essential oils for summer colds is something that our family can’t live without. Although with the help of Thieves products we don’t get sick nearly as often, families are still going to suffer from colds from time to time. We love being able to pull out something natural and not suffer the side effects from the drugs we use to use on a more regular basis.


Get started with essential oils by purchasing your Everyday Oils and Home Diffuser kit today!

Please use your own discretion with the things mentioned on this site. I am not a doctor or nurse. I do not recommend anyone using anything for any ailment without consulting your physician first. Please do not take any information from this side as medical advice.








Lose weight with peppermint essential oil

Did you know that you could lose weight with peppermint essential oil. You don’t even need to ingest it!

Scentsational Weight Loss: At Last a New Easy Natural Way To Control Your Appetite is an excellent book written by  Dr. Alan Hirsch, a Neurologist and Psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of smell and taste loss.  in his book Dr Hirsch explains how using the scent of peppermint can help you to avoid up to 3,000 calories a week! That’s about 20 pounds of weight loss in 6 months. No, way!

Lose weight with peppermint essential oil

Peppermint isn’t a miracle worker at all. Yet it has been found to curb cravings, reduce hunger and is a great weight loss aid to have on hand.

Participants in the study who were exposed to peppermint consumed 23% fewer calories than  those who were not exposed to peppermint as a weight loss aid. This was based on a 7 day diet that consisted of 1800 daily calories.

3,000 calories eliminated from a diet each week is considered to be a healthy weight loss goal. Add a few drops of grapefruit essential oil to help burn fat and flavor your water.

How do you use the peppermint essential oil to help you curb your cravings? Add a few drops of peppermint to a cold air diffuser or use a necklace type diffuser pendant so that you are able to smell peppermint throughout the day. You can also just open a bottle of peppermint oil and take a whiff when cravings hit.

This is such a simple tip to help you lose weight with peppermint essential oil that anyone can try it out.


 Get your own bottle of this miracle oil in the Store and find many, many more uses for Peppermint Essential Oil. Get your bottle today! 

*Essential oils do not work the same for everyone. This is not medical advice, if you need medical advice please contact your doctor.





Help for chronic illness

Why am I trying to change the world by teaching about essential oils? Changing the world, one oil at a time is my mission. There’s help for chronic illness.

Help for chronic illness


February 6, 2013 my  mother passed away with cancer. The cancer was found in her liver, but she did not live long enough to find out where it started. After being diagnosed, she only lived 6 days. To that point she lost a mother to liver failure, a sister to liver failure, a sister to lung cancer, a sister to liver cancer, a brother to pancreatic cancer, a brother to kidney cancer and a father to heart failure. Yet another sister was diagnosed with liver cancer just weeks before the 1st anniversary of my mother’s death.

I have no idea what gave my mother cancer, but I do know what helped her there. I know that the chemo she was on for arthritis didn’t help. I know that the medication Methotrexate pushed her already overtaxed liver to the point that she has cirrhosis of the liver many years before she passed away.

My mother, her mother and at least one of her sisters took handfuls of medication multiple times a day. They all had other medical conditions, yes, but the toxic medications they were on for much of their lives did not help them live long happy lives.

2 years before my mother passed away she found something called Raindrop Therapy. It’s a type of aromatherapy massage technique that helps your immune system. The effects were great. They helped my mom feel great for up to 2 weeks at a time. I put off learning how to do this for quite some time, and in fact missed my chance in helping her before she passed away. Anything that would have helped her not be in so much pain was worth the effort. I regret not helping her more.

Now I’m determined to not only learn this technique, but to be certified to teach others how to use it for their families and teach it to even more people.

If I can help one person feel better who struggles with chronic disease, I will be happy. If I can help 10 people with chronic disease, I will be overjoyed! If I can help 100′s or even 1,000′s of people I will know that God has used me as a tool to touch people’s lives. To God be the glory!

What many people do not know is that chronic illness can be helped in so many ways. You don’t have to go get injections or pop pills. There’s an alternative. I can help you find what you need to help.

If God can use these essential oils to heal one person, he can use them to heal multitudes!

Essential Oils Summer First Aid Kit

It’s that time of year when we are out of doors more than any other time and that means that everyone needs essential oils summer first aid kit. Trips to the lake, the beach or even just around the pool can be a time when all you want to think about is having fun, but having a family means you need to be prepared for the worst.


Using Essential Oils in your Summer First Aid kit is very important. Using essential oils can keep that sunburn from turning into a week of pain, or those blisters from hiking from becoming infected.



 Essential Oils Summer First Aid Kit


Lavender: This is a very important essential oil that has many, many uses. Lavender can be used in first aid as an antihistamine for bug bites or allergies, sunburn relief, burn relief, helps to stop bleeding, and used for cuts and scrapes instead of an antibacterial cream, or even headaches.



Essential Oils Summer First Aid Kit


Purification: The best essential oil to keep on hand for a bug repellent! Apply to the bottom of your feet, diffuse or use in a spritzer bottle to deter bugs. Have a bug bite? Dab the bite with neat (not diluted) Purification blend to help remove the sting or itch.


Peppermint: Possibly the most versatile of essential oils, peppermint is a must have in the summer essential oils first aid kit. Its cooling properties can be used on the skin or in your drinking water (make sure to use glass) to keep the heat away. Bumps and bruises can be relieved from pain with just a drop and the bonus benefit is that it will reduce bruising. Headaches are no match for a couple drops of this essential oil. Upset stomach, nausea, heartburn…drink a bit of water with Peppermint and you should feel great relief.


PanAway: This blend of essential oils is great to keep on hand after a game of beach volleyball or hiking all day. Sore muscles have certainly met their match with this powerful blend.


Thieves: This blend is amazing for the summer cold. Summer colds make everyone miserable. The antibiotic and antiviral properties of this oil means that it covers so many basses that traditional medications do not cover.


Lemon: Leary of your family using alcohol hand sanitizer or just want something smaller and more versatile? Lemon is a perfect choice. A drop on your hands can be used to clean your hands, smells wonderful and there’s no chance over overdosing your toddler with the alcohol sanitizer that many people keep on hand. Bonus, flavor your drinking water with this great tasting and antitumoral essential oil.



This is a great list to start your essential oils summer first aid kit. Do you have any suggestions on what other oils would be great to add to the list? Like and share this post with your friends and family so that they can learn more about essential oils.




Love is worth the extra work.

Collecting my jar of heartsAs a child my mama told me that she loved me a lot, I probably told her a whole lot more than she did me. This is just what my little girl does. Little girls are so loving and caring, so are a lot of little boys too. I should know I have a daughter, two sons, a step son and a step daughter!

Today someone told me that they loved me, and without a doubt it shocked me. My husband and I are always surprised. For the average parent, having a child tell you that they love you isn’t that big of a deal. To me, its huge! Especially from my oldest son.

At age 5, my son was out of my home for 4 months. I had no contact with him. I could only pray for his well being. I knew where he was, but it took a court order to get that little man back in my home. I would say back in my arms, but after a trauma like he went through this is not something that came easy.

That was the most difficult time of my entire life. Its hard to even think of it without tearing up. I think my entire family is emotionally scarred from that time without my son. My son and I were the most scarred.

But today, my 14 year old, first born son told me that he loved me. My heart fluttered. Those little words that you may hear every day, can mean so much more to you when you don’t hear them.

For years, my son did not mutter those little words to me. No matter how many times I told him that I loved him, he couldn’t tell me. I’m not sure why exactly, but I tried my hardest to make him think that I loved him. There were months and even years that I thought I was fighting for nothing. A few times a year now, I get affirmed that I did get through to him.

These days my son lives with his dad. That part isn’t easy for me either, especially when I find out he’s been hurt or sick. Last week was one of those weeks. It reminded me of when I found out that he broke his arm during that dark time he was away from me. But I took a deep breath and brought myself back to what was going on. He had a cold last week, nothing major. Not the broken arm of last year where my husband was in another state and we thought my son would need surgery. The only place he would sleep while he was hurt was next to me. It was nice to feel needed.

One of the things that my life runs on is love. I can go my whole life without money, as long as I know that I have love. Working in the retail setting for 10 years, I met some people that had no idea what that was about. They had families but would lie, cheat and steal to make a dollar. I felt pity for them, that they couldn’t live without hurting others.

Love is one of those things that I’m reminded of each year during the holidays. The love of Jesus Christ, my family and friends. Today  my son reminded me of that love.  If even a few times a year, those words that affirm my son’s affection for me sets my heart aglow.

This Christmas, I want *you* to know that someone loves you! Jesus Christ’s birth is being celebrated all over the Earth, because he came here to save you from your sins because he loves you more passionately than anyone can ever hope to imagine. Please remember to share this with your loved ones every day, not just during this special time of the year. One day out of the blue you may see that you reach the depth’s of someone’s heart. Never stop! It’s worth it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: A m o r e C a t e r i n a

DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Using essential oils isn’t always for medicinal purposes, they can be a great luxury item in the bathroom. For those of us with skin conditions like eczema, sensitive skin, dry skin, psoriasis and others we are looking for things don’t irritate our skin. A huge bonus to a skin product for me is one that no only doesn’t irritate my skin, but it actually helps heal the skin! That doesn’t come around very often.

I’ve been using products from an amazing woman for nearly 2 years now. Renee is the owner of MadeOn: Skin Care Products. I fell in love with her hard lotion bars, bug bar and diaper rash cream. What’s amazing is that Renee doesn’t only sell her products, she teaches you how to make your own! This woman loves her customers! Renee, we love you back!

This year everyone is looking for DIY gift ideas for Christmas.

I know that I’m one of them. When I think DIY, I think about gifts from the heart. When someone gives a handmade present its not something that they thought of the last minute and ran out to the mall to pick up, its something they made with you in mind. For my family, we love handmade/homemade everything. Normally these presents are better for your health, the environment and the pocketbook.


Renee has done something spectacular, she has written an amazing new ebook that teaches you how to make amazing skin care products. We aren’t talking about your normal products that you will find on Pinterest.

The one recipe that I cannot wait to try out is the Chocolate Peppermint Lotion Bar! Doesn’t that sound divine?!

Included with these 5 luxury recipes Renee has added resources on where to find the ingredients,  resources for supplies, options for different “flavors”, price breakdowns, and much much more! This is a great guide for not only Christmas, but all year long. Change your essential oils for the time of the year, but who can resist Peppermint and Chocolate! Yum! Some great ideas would include Thieves, Lavender, Peppermint, Citrus Fresh, Lemon and Orange. Yummy!

The Possibilities are endless!

This ebook is a steal at $5.00, so pick yourself up a copy! You can also purchase a gift giving kit for making some of these amazing gifts for the holidays from MadeOn and receive the ebook for FREE!





Essential oil sale ends today!

Today is the last day to get incredible savings on your essential oils. Make sure you pick up some extras for gifts, and even to make some Christmas gifts with oils.

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Some of my favorite oils are on sale through the end of the day. Peppermint, Lavender, Thieves and Joy plus some extra goodies just in time for the holiday season. Fight off bacteria, infection, viruses, nausea, headaches, relax and enjoy the holidays with these oils. What a better present for yourself or a loved one.

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What to do when nausea hits.

When your child starts running toward the bathroom holding their mouth and their stomach, the first thing you think is “Oh no! Is it a virus?” Around here, my kids are learning that I will come running with an oil or two for what ever their ailments are. Most of the time they fight me because they don’t care for the smell, but in the end they always say “Well mama, it always works.”

Hello 2009
Creative Commons License photo credit: Evil Erin

In the last few weeks nausea has hit our home quite a few times, and for different reasons. My daughter ate way to much one night at a church dinner, and ended up being sick. It was so sad, she sat in the tub afterwards because of the huge mess she had made. While she was calming down and before I finished cleaning up with my Thieves cleaner, I reached for one of my many bottles of Peppermint oil.  I rubbed a drop on her tummy as she sat in tepid water.

I finished cleaning and saw that she was still feeling pretty badly. Into the kitchen for a coffee cup and a cup of warm water I went. Back and a drop of the same oil. Sip. Sip.

Within 15 minutes my 9 year old was ready for bed, and not complaining with any tummy aches, due to the peppermint essential oil.

Fast forward a couple weeks, and I had a bad bought with TMJ. My first ever really. If you are not familiar with TMJ, it can cause excruciating pain in your jaw.  I wish I could say that Peppermint relieved all of the pain, but I cannot. I resorted to a prescription of Lortab.

I slept for many hours, too many really. But at the 3rd dose my stomach revolted. Now I can tell you that I get nauseated from time to time but I have a stomach of iron. I had not vomited in years. But this pain medication was not nice to me. I was out of phenergan, which is the only anti-nausea medication that has ever helped me go from doubled over to sleep in an hour. So my wonderful husband was on the phone trying to get a prescription for me, and I grabbed a bottle of Peppermint oil from my stash…well actually my step daughter brought it to me.

1 drop on the stomach, and a drop in a cup of warm water. Sip. Sip. My hands cupped over my face so that I could breathe in the peppermint. 20 minutes later, I was asleep.

This is something that in the past I would have been sick for hours before anything but a shot would work to settle my stomach. My husband kept check on me, and I kept telling him that I thought that I was doing okay. He couldn’t believe me. He didn’t believe me. But, in the end, it worked. I slept the medication and the pain off.

Our family uses Peppermint more than any other essential oil in my stash. We use it for headaches, allergies, arthritis pain, alertness, congestion and now nausea. I know that there are more uses for this oil. As we find more uses over the coming months, I will be sure to share them with you.

For your own bottle of Peppermint Oil, be sure to order today.

How I use Peppermint for Headaches


Creative Commons License photo credit: Lel4nd

Over the years I’ve probably complained of having a headache at least 200 days of the year. I’ve been on prescription medications for years, but they seem to work for a shorter period of time these days. After one or two doses, I have to move on to a new, more expensive option.

I found Young Living after seeing a comment about how Lavender helped a man with his headache, but was told that Peppermint was what I’d want to try out for my migraines. I ordered my kit, and when it came in the first thing I did was sniff the Peppermint.

Immediately I was blown away with the effects that peppermint had on my mood, and my headache.

There are a lot of days that I don’t even realize that I have a headache, and that day was one of them. I immediately put a drop on my temples and the back of my neck. It was very cooling and tingly. Later I learned to dilute the oil with a couple drops of carrier oil. I started using Olive Oil as my carrier oil, there are a lot of others out there that would be good to use also.

When I started doing some research, I found claims that peppermint oil has the same effects as 1000mg of acetaminophen (aka Tylenol). This is one over the counter medication that hasn’t really helped with my aches and pains for years. I know that you are most likely thinking the same thing. The difference is that when applied to the skin, the effects are felt almost immediately.

Using peppermint as aromatherapy can also help, because when you inhale the essential oil its almost like taking a capsule. You are absorbing the oil from the inside of your body. So when you have a headache, after rubbing the diluted oil on your temples, cup your hands over your nose and inhale deeply a few times.

I see results in my stress level immediately. I can almost feel the pain drift away.


I don’t only use this oil for my headaches, check out how I also use it for my joint pain.


Order your own Peppermint Oil or starter kit.


 I”m not a doctor, or play one on TV. Please consult your healthcare provider before trying this at home. 

essential oil arthritis hands

I foun

essential oil arthritis hands

I have found an Essential oil for arthritis hands. I’ve been on the computer a lot lately. I designed this blog in the matter of a few hours. I’ve written blog posts. Twitter has become my new best friend again, so that includes a lot of typing on my computer or my phone. All of this plus learning a few tricks with Facebook has me a social media addict.

For a solid week, I’ve been using my hands and more specifically my fingers in ways that God really didn’t design them to be used. My fingers have really taken a beating. What makes this worse is that I have arthritis in my finger joints. It really hurts. It makes it hard to do a lot of things when they flare up.

As I type this post, my fingers are aching. I glance over and there it is. My big not-so-secret weapon.

I open the little brown bottle with a green label and put a drop on each of my painful fingers. Seconds later, there is only a little stiffness left, and not a drop of pain. Yeah, I know…my friend’s husband asked for a gallon this morning!

I’ve been using ibuprofen for about a year now, just to ease the pain. I started supplements and didn’t see a big difference in my ailments. I’m only 32. I hate doctors. I watched my mother not be able to fill out her checks to pay the bills. I know what awaits me. I know that I may be in a wheelchair, and not even be able to feed myself for the lack of mobility in my fingers. Lets not mention grip at this point, I don’t know what that means. (Just please don’t use too firm a grip when shaking my hand!)

Finally I broke down and started asking what essential oil arthritis hands I could use to ease my pain.

There really wasn’t a general consensus. About half a dozen oils were mentioned. I tried a couple of the oils that I had on hand. Then one person told me that she used another one that no one else had mentioned. I went to my bottle that was sitting beside my husband, leaned over him and put the oil on my joints. Walked away.

After about 5 minutes in the kitchen I realized that my fingers were not hurting…at all! I was so thrilled that in only minutes they weren’t hurting. I made a mental note to try it again, and pay more attention.

So the next day, after typing for a while my fingers were stiff and painful again. I grabbed my bottle and put it on the joints that were painful. I rubbed them for a couple seconds and moved to the next one.

In less than 30 seconds there was no pain!

Yes, that’s right. 30 seconds later there was no pain. The stiffness wasn’t as bad either and in a little while it was much, much better. For someone who could take 800 mg of ibprofen just to get enough relief to sleep at night, this was a huge breakthrough!

My little surprise is something that I’m sure that your grandparents, parents, spouse or even yourself may could use right? So you wanna know what it is? Ok, I’ll tell you, but only if you DON’T keep this a secret.

The surprise that I use is the same thing I use on my headaches, so I always have it near. Its the same thing I use in the mornings to get my day started. It’s peppermint essential oil! Can you believe that?!

The therapeutic grade oil from Young Living, is the best that’s out there, and the great thing about it is that it works! It WORKS for pain! Its amazing, and it works in seconds, not minutes or hours! Isn’t that insane?!

Contact me for more information regarding Young Living Peppermint Oil
 I”m not a doctor, or play one on TV. Please consult your healthcare provider before trying this at home. 
essential oil arthritis hands